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BIZ Basics 4.0v4 office bundle for FileMaker 4 (Macintosh)


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BIZ Basics 4. 0v4 (The fully customizable Accounting Finding! ) THE However Clone - Entrance ACCOUNTING and SALES AUTOMATION Methodology for FileMaker Pro 4. 0. Fully 'relational', unlocked and customizable, BIZ packet includes: intact association directorate module with e - mail links to your favorite email applications, calendaring, scheduling, correspondence, retell/gone phut/invoice center, genuine - continually inventory, catalogs, purchasing, checking, G/L accounting, Payroll, Design of Accounts, Budgeting, launch/job tracking. A shipping module includes well - proportioned UPS services, UPS Troop exhibit, Bill of Lading and airbills. Auto - Check rates from 15, 000 known shipping rates for: UPS, FedEx, Airborne, US Letters. In its 7th year, BIZ was awarded the 'Finest in the Occupation' reward by FileMaker, Inc. Individual or Multi - Drug. Extended Benefits: Macintosh & Windows compatible. Networkable, up to 100 users in 3 - D color. One combination runs your unmixed firm (from touch to accounting). Requires and works w
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